What does T/A mean in Business?

man conducting business as sole trader

T/A means ‘trading as’ and appears frequently in the Business & Finance world. The definition of T/A is often not readily available in the dictionary, but little further explanation is necessary.

Typically T/A or Trading As is used when referring to a sole trader, company or partnership that trades under a separate business name. Businesses often register under one name and have multiple arms, or trading fronts.

For example, if the company was called Example Business Limited, they may have a website under the name of examplebusinessdefinitions.com. They would therefore note on their website; Example Business Limited T/A examplebusinessdefinitions.com

What does T/A mean in Business is a commonly asked question. While the abbreviation is used frequently in the business world, it is often assumed that meaning is known by all.

So, there you have it; T/A means Trading As in Business.

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